Having received a number of similar queries with regard to the Astronomy guidelines, I thought it might be helpful just to clarify a few points.



All references need to be included as part of the case for support NOT attached as a separate document. The AGP recommend references to be submitted for each PDRA case separately



CV’s are NOT required and should not be included


Subsuming standard grants in the 2011 grant round

Although standard grant funding will be considered as a commitment, Applicants will need to request any outstanding resources as of 1.4.12 on the JeS form.


In terms of the case for support, Applicants need only write half a page or so to inform the panel of the current support. However, any further request for funding beyond current commitment must be fully justified in the case for support adhering to the page limits. Current support plus any additional funding must NOT be for any more than 3 years support over the 4 year grant duration.


If a project currently funded on a standard grant is successful in the consolidated proposal then the standard grant will be terminated at 31.3.12.


As an example:

Current standard grant start date 1.10.10, 3 year duration, end date 30.9.13

Consolidated grant submission start date 1.4.12, up to 4 years, end date 31.3.16 

As at 1.4.12 there remain 18 months funding on the standard grant, these resources need to be included in the JeS form, although they are essentially current commitment. The maximum duration that can be requested for continuation of the standard grant project is a further 18 months.


New Applicants Scheme

This scheme is only open to Academics that join a group that already holds a consolidated grant (or previously named rolling grants) The requested pre-proposal can be submitted at any time in an email directly to Kim.Burchell@stfc.ac.uk. Should the pre-proposal be endorsed, then further guidance will be provided.