Wolf-Rayet Star Catalogue Galactic Wolf Rayet Catalogue v1.21, 657 WR stars, Nov 2018

  • Omissions since VII/Annex

  • 1 star (GC IRS 2) from Tanner et al. (2005, TGM05)
  • 1 star (LHO 110, WR102df) from LHO09 (O6-8 If) was subsequently classified as WN9 (WR102df) by Liermann et al. (2010). LHO 110 does not appear to exhibit HeII 2.189um so is currently excluded.
  • 8 stars from original manuscript of Kanarek et al. (2014, KSF14). 1089-117 omitted since spectroscopy reveals MgII 2.13/2.14 micron emission so LBV candidate Stringfellow et al. (2012). 1626-4FC8 is a [WC6] according to Gvaramadze et al. (2010). Other sources also omitted 1343-69E, 1353-160A, 1430-AB0, 1443-760, 1547-1DF2, 1547-E0B, some of which are reclassified as PNe or B[e]/LBVs.
  • 1 star from Shara et al. (2012), 1023-63L (WC7) subsequently reclassified as a CSPNe [WC7] by Kanarek et al. 2016 (KSF16).